Under the Big Dipper
I trust you will permit to be your friend also, has, no doubt, told you of your loss and of the calm and happy last hours of your beloved father. “He will also have let you know that my dispatch telling your father that you were well and safe in Transylvania had reached him when perfectly conscious. His mind had been freed from worry about your welfare. He died with a smile upon his lips, whispering a blessing. “In this sad hour of your bereavement, I, a friend of but recent date, should perhaps not presume to dwell upon it. But I remember that I was probably the last man to whom your father spoke freely; and it is the honor he did me by his confidence that moves me to write to you now. “I dared not tell you, but we both knew, even before our arrival in Italy, that the days remaining to him were few, and that he despaired of seeing you again. He made me promise to look after you, his most beloved in this world. He was afraid you would be left friendless. You know now, perhaps, that I am happy and proud to have this privilege. “My own dear father is in serious condition and I fear that before long, I, too, shall lose
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