Under the Big Dipper
a parent. The information I have received in another cable makes it imperative for me to sail to-morrow for America. But for this duty which I owe to my mother and father—nothing would have prevented me from returning to Weimar and telling you the sad tidings myself. Mr. Tyler, for whom I beg your full confidence, is a most honorable and experienced gentleman. His official position puts him where he may well be able to lighten the terrible burden which has now fallen upon your young life. “It may be presumptuous on my part, but I would remind you again of our last interview in Vienna. I beg of you not to take any important step in your life until I can present myself once more before you. “May God bless you, and soften the heavy blow that has come to you now. May He in His great goodness and wisdom guide your thoughts and give you the strength you need. “Rest assured, dear lady, that I shall be ever ready to devote myself, if you and the kind fates permit, to your happiness. With my highest regard and my most fervent hope that you will still permit me to be your sincere friend and
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