Under the Big Dipper

and let me get a good look at you. My, but you do look fit! I am glad to see you again, my lad, though I’m sorry you find me in this scrape.” The sick man’s eyes twinkled and a humorous smile bent the pale lips. “Well, well, so you are ready to settle down with the old folks, eh? No more exploring and adventure? By George, you’re some man, John, some man. You make me want to ask her name. Never mind, lad, you needn’t tell me right now. My—but it’s good to have you home again.”

“Dear dad, I am so glad to be home again. You are looking fine and not a bit changed. Get well again, dad, because I want you to teach me how to be of use to you. I want you to be proud of me.”

“Proud of you, John? Why, I always have been and still am proud of you. There isn’t a finer fellow in Ohio. You’ll make good; I’m dead sure of that. All right, nurse, I’ll be good. John, I’m afraid we’ll have to obey

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