Under the Big Dipper

Miss Persing. She says that six in the morning is too early for children of my age to be up. I’ve got to sleep for a couple of hours longer. No, you go back to mother and Ruth. I guess they’re dying to hear all you have to tell them. Hello, mother; good morning, my dear.” Mrs. Morton and Ruth had that moment appeared in the doorway. His wife went to the bedside and kissed her husband tenderly while Ruth stroked his hand.

“What’s the orders, nurse?” Mr. Morton asked as he looked at her over his wife’s shoulder.

“You would better be resting, Mr. Morton. The doctor will be here at half past eight and he’ll scold me if he finds you feverish.”

“All right, Miss Persing, I’ll be good.”

The family withdrew leaving the old man, weak and pale but with a face wreathed in happy smiles. His head sought the pillow gratefully and soon he was sleeping like a child.

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