Under the Big Dipper

girl my wife—if—if she will have me.”

“My boy, I am proud of you,” said his father. “You showed yourself a man. If she won’t have you, she’s no judge of what a man is—and the future generations of Mortons won’t be the losers. But if she is all you describe her to be, she knows a hawk from a hernshaw.”

John laughed at his father’s way of stating the case; but the words made him very happy. As time passed and but scant and unsatisfying news came from either Tyler or Don, he became very restless. He had received one letter from Helène which he treasured; but it contained what he took as merely a courteous acknowledgment of her gratitude. He took several flying trips to New York at his father’s request, but always returned distrait and unhappy. He wrote several heartfelt letters to the Comtesse, but received no replies.

Christmas came and with it a severe winter. It was a quiet and subdued Yule-tide for the Mortons. Old Dan

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