Under the Big Dipper

convinced that the girl was, indeed, necessary to his happiness, he must lose no time in winning her. He had not told her everything and declined to give the girl’s name or station in life. She was good and beautiful, he said, and he was sure his mother would welcome her and love her. In that case, his mother urged, his first duty was to himself. He must go at once.

It was not his mother’s words, however, but a cable from McCormick that decided him. Donald had cabled that the Comtesse Helène had left the Ducal Palace secretly five days ago leaving no trace behind. She had been hunted for high and low and even detectives had been employed. Would Mr. Morton cable further instructions.

John lost no time in instructing Don to continue the search and advised him that he was sailing for Europe by the first boat. To his mother he gave an envelope with Helène’s handwriting on it, at the same time

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