Under the Big Dipper

Helène looked at the dear face of her second mother, and felt so comforted that she believed a Providence had sent the good woman to her. How good it was to be loved and to have some one near you in whom you could trust and to whom you could tell the doubts that were racking your heart!

“But how do you happen to be in Weimar, Anna?”

The question was sufficient to open the sluices of the nurse’s reservoir of talk; she talked so rapidly that she barely gave herself time to catch her breath. She was married now—to Anton Schreiber—Anton had been chief valet to His Highness, the old Duke. They lived now in Altenburg, in a beautiful cottage with a lovely garden. Oh, and they were happy and comfortably off, what with her savings and Anton’s. She had come to Weimar to visit her niece, Josephine. Why the very Josephine who attended on her sweet lambkin! Of course! And, oh, how her darling had grown! How

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