Under the Big Dipper

beautiful and grand she looked! And what lovely hair! How long was it since she had seen her? Yes—three years. Dear, dear, how time does fly! And what had she been doing? And what brought her to Weimar?

Helène waited patiently, smiling delightedly all the time. However, the good lady’s breath gave out, at last, and Helène had the opportunity to open up her heart’s woes. She was so unhappy in the castle, she explained.

“My dear,” replied the nurse promptly, “take no notice of the people—they’re not worth it. And we’ll begin at once.” She rose up quickly and ringing for Josephine said to her, “Tell the man to serve dinner here for two. I am dining with the Comtesse.—There,” she turned to Helène, “we’ll make ourselves at home, and do as we like.”

Helène was astonished to find how easily it could be done. She spent one of the happiest evenings in her life with this nurse, waited on and served by the lackey who

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