Under the Big Dipper

to meet an old friend again and couldn’t wait. Don’t you remember me, Captain? The clothes and beard make it hard, I guess. I am John Morton.”

“Why, bless my soul, I wouldn’t have known you! My dear Mr. Morton, I am delighted to see you!” He shook the visitor’s hand heartily.

“My, but you do look like a globe trotter—and one that has done some trotting! It is good to shake hands with you once more and to have you on the ‘Hindoostan.’”

“I am, indeed, glad to have the chance to get your boat, Captain. From my last camp the bay was easier to make than the upper Nile, and when I found at Aa-nin that you were expected to-night, I made a run for the shore and was just in time for the pilot’s sloop. I haven’t been near civilization in eighteen months, Captain! I have with me my man, Donald, whom you may remember. He looks, if anything, even worse for wear

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