Under the Big Dipper

they strike down who are to be pitied. Helène was of the sterner stuff, and she was helped by her nurse. Nothing softens sorrow as love does—and of love Anna’s motherly bosom was filled abundantly. Herself childless, she had it all to give to this child of her adoption—and she gave it freely, with a large measure.

The Princess, also, when she heard the sad tidings, came to her full of affectionate sympathy; but, alas, what could she do to help her friend! She was an exile now—a nobody. She would see that the presentation was put off.

“Oh, my dear,” she cried, with tears in her eyes, “If we only had some wise and powerful friend! We are both of us dependent on the charity of strangers.”

A friend’s troubles act as a salve to our own troubles, as fire extinguishes fire, and in her loyalty to the Princess, Helène realized that she was not alone in her sorrow. The two girls thus helped each other in their

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