Under the Big Dipper

surely she was in such need now! Should she write to him? Torn by anxiety and pride she knew not which way to decide. After much reflection she concluded there could be no harm in letting him know that she had left the castle. Taking pen and paper she began; but it was only after several attempts and with many misgivings of heart that she finally decided to send the following:

“Dear Mr. Morton: “I have left the home offered me by the Duchess of Saxe-Weimar. I was too unhappy there. I tried most earnestly to become reconciled to my surroundings, but the dull routine of the empty life of the Court, the heartlessness of its people, were more than I could bear. “I have now decided to try to find my own proper place in the world—to get some occupation in which I can be happy and, at least, be free to live my own life. I have not forgotten my promise to you not to take a serious step without consulting you, but I am sure you will agree that I have acted for the best. “The letters of my father which

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