Under the Big Dipper

dark to think out a plan of action for the following day.

She sat for a long time looking out on to the brilliantly lit avenue with its display of the city’s night life and wondered what place she could fill in it. It was a new world to her—a bewildering world—even a terrifying world. She must now mix in it—play her part in it unprepared and unaided. Her heart sank at the thought. And this was what was meant by life! This was what thousands of girls had to face! Well, she would face it, too, and do her best. If others could succeed, why not she? And if she failed—but she would not think of that. She would not, must not fail. She would begin by going to an employment agency and offer herself for a position as governess. She knew French, German and English—these were not common accomplishments and, surely, they were wanted and would be paid for!

But what a change from her life in Roumelia! Ah, beloved Roumelia! She pictured the Rosen’s home in

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