Under the Big Dipper

Padina—the last real home she had known. It brought Morton back to her mind. Involuntarily, she closed her eyes to the lights without, so that she could be alone with her image. Had he meant all that was implied in his last words? Or had he but used similar words to her that he had spoken to other girls he knew? No, no, no, she could not believe that. He was not that kind of a man. Her father had said of him that he was true and noble, and her father, a wise man and of great experience, knew men well. It was wrong in her to doubt him.

“I must leave the rest,” she whispered softly, “in God’s good hands. Until, then, good-bye, my knight.”

Thus, greatly encouraged and with a mind calmed and at rest, she lay down and slept the happy sleep of those who feel they are loved.

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