Under the Big Dipper

unadorned, cold stairway and pulled the bell-knob below the brass-plate which indicated that Professor Albert V. Heimbach, Ph.D., lived within. She could hear in the distance the shrill tinkling sound of the bell. After what seemed to her an eternity the door opened and an unkempt maid with a red upturned nose appeared. To Helène’s request to see the Frau Professor, the servant made no reply, but looked her over very carefully from head to feet. The inspection appeared to be satisfactory, for the girl nodded and beckoned to Helène to come in.

At the end of the narrow entresol and sharply outlined against the bright light which came from a distant room, Helène saw a tall, slender woman approaching.

“What is it you wish, Madame?” she inquired of Helène.

Helène explained that she had come in response to

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