Under the Big Dipper

the Frau Professor’s advertisement for a governess.

“Come into the room, and be seated.”

In the increased light of the sitting-room Helène faced a tired and somewhat faded woman, still young, but of a most meagre appearance, and painfully flat-chested, with pale bluish eyes and thin bloodless lips. The close fitting bodice of her dress accentuated the length of a thin neck which stuck up from her shoulders and seemed as if it were a stalk bearing the small head above it. She spoke in cold, knife-edgy tones.

“Have you had any experience as a governess of children, Fräulein?”

“No—Frau Professor—but....”

“Pardon me, Fräulein—answer only my question, if you will be good enough. Have you any references from your pastor, or the Council of your district?”

“No, gnädige Frau Professor.”

“Do you feel yourself competent to teach my two

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