Under the Big Dipper

a pair of shabby shoes sadly down at heel. Leaning forward she examined the very young applicant carefully but not unkindly.

The door leading to an adjoining room, just at that moment, slowly opened, and after a few moments Helène saw a curly-headed, blue-eyed little girl stretch its head into the room. The mother turned quickly and called out: “Close the door, Emilie—you must not be inquisitive.” The child disappeared instantly. Helène felt sorry to see her go—her heart had gone out to the dear little thing.

The interruption seemed to have acted on the Frau Professor as a reminder of her position. She leaned back and folding her arms gazed for a long time at Helène’s face and clothes with a dreamy look in her eyes. Finally, she seemed to make up her mind and began to speak, at first hesitatingly and then more firmly:

“Fräulein, will you let me tell you

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