Under the Big Dipper

something—something which I believe you will thank me for hereafter? You are looking for a position as governess in a family. By your own admission you have had no experience in such work and cannot furnish testimonials.”

Helène turned pale and then reddened.

“I want to be perfectly frank with you,” resumed the thin lady; “I admit that your accomplishments, your appearance and your manners are greatly in your favor; but you are seeking for employment in the wrong direction, Fräulein.”

“Oh, Frau Professor,” cried Helène eagerly, “I can learn; and I am so anxious to please. I would love to teach your children, and I am sure they would like me. I shall try to make them like me. Won’t you just give me a trial, please?”

The Frau Professor’s brow clouded and her face turned a brick-red color. With an effort she seemed to

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