Under the Big Dipper

promised her new friend to call on her that evening at her hotel to look over the purchases she had made.

The evening provided a rare experience for Helène. Miss Fisher showed her a collection of wonderful laces, ribbons, trimmings, jets and ornaments which had been acquired for the New York market. What impressed Helène more, however, was the quick decisive manner with which Miss Fisher explained everything; the nimble hands which displayed the articles to their best advantage; the ready words which fell from her lips in praise of their qualities. Helène had never imagined a woman could be so capable, and at the same time so jolly and witty.

Miss Fisher, in her turn, had not failed to observe in her shrewd way, how quickly Helène assimilated the information, and how alert the girl’s mind showed itself, in spite of its natural reserve. The remarks, too, she let fall evinced a taste and judgment quite rare. She

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