Under the Big Dipper

Helène was quite conquered. It was all so novel and yet so humbly pleasant that she wished it would go on always.

This was the first of a number of meetings between the two. Miss Fisher sounded Helène, and soon became convinced she was really in earnest. She did not probe too deeply into the girl’s family history—only just enough to find that her judgment had been correct. She learned that Helène could speak English—and what a charming English it was, too! She was sure Madame Lucile would be delighted with her. She would be a real acquisition to the business, she felt convinced of it.

“See here, my dear,” she said suddenly on one of their walks, “why not come with me to New York? You tell me you have neither friends nor relatives and not even an admirer—so there’s nothing to keep you here. Come with me, and I’ll see that you get a position. New York is a beautiful city with more opportunities for a

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