Under the Big Dipper

girl than any other place in the world. You needn’t be afraid; I’ll look after you. We can have a little apartment together and live the jolliest of lives. You are a born artist, as I saw from your drawings and sketches. I am sure you’ll get a good position with the people I’m with. Will you come? Say the word, and we’ll fix it up.”

Helène’s big blue eyes opened wide in astonishment at her friend’s words.

“Do you really mean it? Can I really do the things you say?”

“Of course you can,” and she put her arms around Helène and kissed her. “We’ll be a couple of the happiest girls in Manhattan. And no man shall come between us, either, miss—do you hear? Oh, I’m so happy.” And Miss Fisher forgot her dignity and jumped again. “I can just see Madame Lucile’s expression when she sees you. I’ll tell her I’ve brought the cleverest designer of hats in Europe—the peer of modistes! And

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