Under the Big Dipper

utterly bewildered girl, “we’re going to live on this boat for eight days. We’d better be comfortable while we are here. We might be good sailors, and then we might not. You never know. So it’s best to be on the safe side. If either of us get seasick now, that stewardess will look after us.”

The great foghorn sent out a roaring sound that seemed to Helène loud enough for the whole world to hear. Clumsily, at first, the big ship moved, and then, as she gathered headway, steamed out into the gray expanse of the seeming boundless sea. Helène gazed with bated breath and beating heart at the fast receding land. There was no turning back now. She had indeed burned her bridges. How would she fare in this new land to which she was sailing?

A strong arm slipped round her waist and a warm hand clasped hers in a firm, motherly grip. Margaret had seen the expression on the poor girl’s face and had

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