Under the Big Dipper

fate—her inability to protect her friend. She told him the whole story of the scene in the reception-room and its cause.

Faugh! The thing was nauseating to John. What a Court! What people these princelets were! He guessed instinctively that it was Witherspoon who was responsible for the article. He would settle with that fellow another time. He left the Princess feeling no great respect for her courage, and more resolved than ever to leave no stone unturned.

And now he began a systematic hunt, on his own account, throughout almost all Europe. Advertisements were printed in the principal newspapers. Police records and hotel registers examined, detectives employed. Blue-eyed girls who read Helène’s description in the advertisements dreamed thrilling romances and envied the maid who, no doubt, was the heiress to some enormously rich uncle. Girls with gray eyes thought

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