Under the Big Dipper

them blue and weaved tales of a Prince Charming coming to set them free. Old maids sighed and old men smiled. But, with all the interest that was excited, and despite the lavish expenditure of money, the real Helène remained undiscovered.

Weeks went by and Morton became very anxious. He grew nervous and restless. As he walked the streets he would examine every young woman he passed with quick, furtive glances in the vain hope that one of them might be Helène.

He consulted with Mr. Tyler frequently and that wise man told him not to worry. The girl herself, he felt sure, would write to him. John clung desperately to this suggestion. He began calculating the time it would take a letter to get back to him from America should she have written him there. Judge Lowell had his instructions and would cable him immediately on its receipt. The thought calmed him greatly and he

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