Under the Big Dipper

was a guest with the rest who were invited. The place was ruled by Ruth through her mother.

Every evening when John came from business he would find the house and its magnificent gardens and terraces taken possession of by friends who had been invited for a week or the week-end. Mostly these were young women—friends of Ruth whom she had known in college or had met at different seasons. He was introduced to them all. Some he found interesting, others amusing and others excellent companions at riding, golfing or sailing. Before he had realized it he began to look forward to these afternoons and evenings on the river. The lovely spring weather, too, acted on him like a tonic. He threw off his moroseness and entered into the spirit of the healthy gay life with all the gusto of youth.

Occasionally, he would ask his sister the meaning of all this gayety and entertaining, but that young woman

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