Under the Big Dipper

would look at him innocently with round eyes and would answer that she was just giving her friends a good time and having one herself. If he wouldn’t bring his friends, she had to bring hers. And Ruth would leave him not a little puzzled and also not at all displeased that things were as they were.

But if Ruth and her mother had expected that John would fall a victim to the fascinations of one of the many charming girls they had so cleverly placed in his way, they were doomed to bitter disappointment. He took things as he found them and enjoyed himself to the full. But it never went further. The pretty faces and alluring graces only served to remind him more poignantly of “the girl he had left behind him.” Helène’s sweet face, Helène’s blue eyes, Helène’s soft voice, were always in his mind, and if he ever was roused to a tender feeling for one of Ruth’s friends, the vision of Helène would rise up and he would sigh and turn

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