Under the Big Dipper

only loved her—the girl he was with now. The other couldn’t compare with her. The other was all right, but she had no heart—she was always preaching and talking about getting on. Margaret waited to hear no more. She had heard too much as it was. The next day she returned him the little gifts he had made her, including the engagement ring, and when he called she declined to see him. Since then she did not care to know any man. Of course, Bert was no loss. She knew that now, but she had liked him once. Oh, yes, men were all right in their way; but a girl was far better off not to bother herself about them. She’d get along just as well.

Helène kept a discreet silence as to her own opinions on that subject. She was afraid to trust herself with Margaret, least she might betray her own heart, and Margaret never again broached the subject.

In their promenades together in the city what struck Helène most was the people. Apparently all belonged to

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