Under the Big Dipper

Museum, the old librarian was proud to act as cicerone. He had become the envy of the rest in the boarding-house, and especially of the young engineer, because of this privilege extended to him. He had even acted as their host on two occasions when they had accepted his invitation to partake of a table d’hôte dinner at a French restaurant.

The Baltimorean listened to the recital of the enjoyment and waited patiently for his turn. He proved a good waiter. On the eve of the Fourth of July, he ventured to ask the two girls to go with him to the beach. Robert McCreedy could hardly believe his ears when his invitation was accepted. He made a careful estimate and concluded that a week’s income would about meet the occasion, and prayed that the day would be fine.

The day broke cloudless with a pitiless sun blazing down. McCreedy was happy. He did not know that the

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