Under the Big Dipper

effect of the sweltering heat of the past few days on Helène had more to do with Margaret’s acceptance of the invitation than anything else. He thought that his patience had at last been rewarded; that the implacable duenna had thought it well to permit him a nearer access to the object of his devotions.

To Helène, tired and overcome by the oppressive heat, the day proved a boon and was also an experience of a novel kind. The ride to the Battery; the ferry trip to South Brooklyn; the open, swaying cars of the steam railway to the beach; the beauty of the Long Island landscape; the cool breezes of the rolling ocean—all were new to her and afforded such interest and refreshment that she forgot her weariness of brain and body and gave herself up to the enjoyment with the abandon of a girl. Everywhere were men, women and children on pleasure bent. Everybody seemed happy. She had already learned many a lesson from this

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