Under the Big Dipper

wonderful democracy, but none appealed to her so strongly as did this celebration. A great humanity had assembled, as if at the call of some mysterious voice, and here they were laughing, playing, singing, care-free and happy, without a sign or a sound of discord—all members of a national family, as it were. This, indeed, was a new world—new in a sense that her people in Roumelia could never understand. It was a revelation of the human heart, an insight into the meaning of life which was denied to those who have not known true liberty and have not been permitted the free play of their finer natures.

The day came to a close but too quickly for Robert McCreedy. He had spent his wealth gladly and had known a happiness he had never known before. When Margaret, after consulting her watch, announced it was time to go home, he looked his disappointment so openly that Margaret was compelled to laugh.

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