Under the Big Dipper

heart, and had taken care to keep him from Helène as much as possible during the day. As she sat now, with Helène, in their sitting-room, she looked at the girl for a sign of resentment at her manoeuvres. But she saw nothing but the evidences of the happy time she had had.

“What do you think of Mr. McCreedy?” she asked suddenly.

“He’s very nice. He was so kind and attentive, wasn’t he? I hope he didn’t spend more than he could afford.” Margaret smiled. Her lessons in economy had borne fruit in Helène’s mind.

“Oh, I guess he wouldn’t do that.”

“No, perhaps not.”

Helène spoke the last words listlessly. The reference to money sent her mind reflecting on her own life. She was so anxious to save as much money as she could spare. If Mr. Morton should come, she would then be

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