Under the Big Dipper

in a position to pay him back all that he had spent on her. And autumn would soon be here, when she must fulfill her promise to write to him. What would he say when he saw her again? Ah—but would he come? Cleveland—eight hundred miles away—did people ever travel that long distance to come to New York? And if he came, he surely would approve!

“Why, honey, you’re not listening to me. I declare you’ve been in a trance for the last five minutes.” Margaret assumed an offended air. Helène started and blushed.

“Now come, what were you thinking of? I have an idea there’s a Count or a Prince buzzing in your little head.”

“Indeed, there is neither Count nor Prince. I was thinking of my old home. I daren’t think of men with a man-hater like you near me.”

“Well, I won’t press you, my dear. But I’m not a

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