Under the Big Dipper

man-hater,” and Margaret’s voice softened. “I sometimes think it would do me good to have a man to fuss about and look after. Men are such helpless things. They wobble from one pretty girl to another, and I believe they can’t help it. What they want is some woman to mother them. I really think I would want to mother a man just as I want to take care of babies, and as I love to take care of you, dearie!”

Helène looked at her friend. Poor, lonely Margaret, she thought, God had made her to be a mother. The revelation into her friend’s soul was too sacred to speak about. With instinctive courtesy she changed her tone covering what she had seen with a veil of light words:

“I’m sure, Margy dear, there are men who are not what you call ‘wobblers.’ I haven’t known many, but I’m convinced there are loyal and true men. My father was one.”

“I have no answer to that, Helen. I believe it. But as

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