Under the Big Dipper

there are not many girls like you, there cannot be many men like your father was. Well, dear, it’s getting late and we ought to be in bed. To-morrow will be another ‘scorcher,’ and we have the new models to go over. And this weather doesn’t improve the dispositions of the women who want to wear corsets two sizes too small for them—like Madame Lucile does.”

Helène laughed. “Now you are not just to her. I don’t think she does that.”

“Don’t you, sweetheart? Well, never mind, I know better. A woman would be anything rather than fat. Why, even I am sometimes afraid to eat.”

“Oh, Margy, how can you! You are not a bit stout, only big and strong. Everybody admires you, and Madame is always praising your fine figure.”

“You’re an angel, my dear, and wouldn’t hurt the feelings of a tax-collector. Give me a kiss, my dear, and good night.”

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