Under the Big Dipper

“Good night, Margy, and thank you for the happy day.”

It was in such intimate talks that Margaret, the strong, protecting tree to the slender vine, Helène, proved her friendship. In breeding and education the two girls were poles apart, but the native virtues and sterling character in each drew them together in an abiding love. A daughter of the people and a child of an ancient nobility thus met on the ground of their common humanity. With the passing of the days, Helène found new interest in her work and became more accustomed to the new life. Margaret, seeing Helène’s happiness, was happy herself. Sunshine without and contentment within, with not a cloud on the horizon of their lives!

Petty incidents like these may seem unworthy of record; but life is made up of such small happenings. Most of us come into this world and flit more or less

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