Under the Big Dipper

manner of the young woman impressed the lady. She sat down near Helène and said in kindly tones:

“You must not distress yourself, my dear. Your friend will be well taken care of here. I will see to that. I am deeply grieved the accident occurred. I saw you and your friend step right in front of the horses and called out to the coachman; but it was too late. I want to do all I can to help Miss Fisher. Has she any relatives or friends who ought to be notified? My son is outside and he will gladly take any message.”

“She has no friend other than myself. For her sake I shall be glad to accept any assistance you can give me. It was in saving me that she got hurt herself. Oh, my poor lovely Margaret....”

“There, there, my dear, it is not so bad after all. Compose yourself. Here comes the nurse.”

The nurse informed Helène that Miss Fisher was conscious and the doctor would allow her to see her

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