Under the Big Dipper

friend for a minute—but she must not be excited.

Helène rose eagerly and walked rapidly into the ward. Behind a screen, on a narrow cot, Margaret lay white and helpless. Her head was heavily bandaged so that only her eyes showed. On seeing Helène, she smiled wistfully into the face that was bending over her.

“Hello, darling! I’m all right—only a little bruised. I’ll be out in no time. Wasn’t it lucky? But who’s going to look after you while I’m here, little one?”

The nurse approached and whispered to Helène: “Just say a few kind words for the present. You can come another time.”

“Oh, Margaret, I’m so happy to see you. Don’t worry about me, dearest. I’ll come and look you up as often as I can.”

Margaret looked back her content; she was too ill to speak.

The nurse touched Helène on the arm. It was time

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