Under the Big Dipper

home and was greatly relieved that the lady took the news as she did. Madame promised to look after everything. Helène, for the first time since she had been in America, went home alone.

And now began the trying and anxious time. Every day Helène called at the hospital, but was not permitted access to the sick-room. Margaret had an attack of brain fever and could recognize no one. She would leave for Madame Lucile’s in tears. There she worked for two to drown her anxiety. But the lonely evenings and tearful nights followed and they had to be borne by herself alone.

Mrs. Van Dusen had called on Madame Lucile and had offered to defray the expenses; but Helène firmly refused to accept the offer. Margaret and she could afford to pay them themselves.

Whenever Helène visited the hospital, she would find Mr. Van Dusen waiting, ready with a courteous

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