Under the Big Dipper

request to be of service, and repeated the offer his mother had made to Madame Lucile. But Helène declined both. On one occasion he asked permission to call on Miss Barton. This she also declined. When Margaret recovered from the fever, he sent her flowers almost daily. Twice Helène received a large box of beautiful lilies at the boarding-house with his card. She wrote him a polite note of thanks in which she told him that she would take the flowers to Margaret.

At the end of three weeks, Margaret was declared to be out of all danger. Her wounds had healed and the bandages had been removed. On the left temple showed a livid scar, but the nurse assured Helène that this would disappear in time. In a week Margaret would be allowed to go home; but the doctor advised a rest at the seashore or in the mountains before returning to work.

Mrs. Van Dusen claimed the right to provide for this rest, at least, and begged Margaret to accept the

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