Under the Big Dipper

did not approve. Van Dusen’s escort to the boarding-house was rather suffered than accepted. Upon arriving at the home, she would bid him good-bye, and take no notice of his hints for an invitation to call. His floral gifts she invariably transferred to Margaret. He had to admit frankly that he had not made a very favorable impression. His mother wisely said nothing.

At the Post’s farm-house Margaret found herself comfortably established on the second floor. She wrote every day to Helène glowing accounts of the beautiful country and urged her to come and visit her for a few days. The people were nice and kind and there was a quaint room which she could have all to herself. She was getting quite strong again and had acquired a tremendous appetite. She pleaded so earnestly that Helène finally agreed to go if Madame Lucile gave the permission.

Certainly the prospect of a vacation did look

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