Under the Big Dipper

alluring. She had been working hard during Margaret’s illness and had been very lonely and depressed in spirits. She had even denied herself the few hours of relaxation she had enjoyed when Margaret was at home, and had kept herself confined during the hottest days—a trying ordeal to anyone living in New York, and especially so to a foreigner.

The canny lady from Glasgow was too pleased to extend a vacation to Mademoiselle Heloise, and thus it happened that by the Saturday before Labor Day Helène had made all her preparations and was ready for the great event.

As she was utterly ignorant of ways and means, Mr. Diderot, the fatherly librarian, was duly impressed to act as escort to the dreaded Terminal and Ferry. Mrs. Kane, with many motherly admonitions, kissed her good-bye and put her in charge of her elderly lodger. The old gentleman, proud of his duty, had spruced

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