Under the Big Dipper

himself up and assuming a youthful gait, walked vigorously by her side carrying the suit-case. His hailing of the street car was done with a dignity which can be compared only to the bearing of the Mayor escorting the President of the United States to the City Hall.

In the waiting-room at the Ferry, Helène was glad to sit in the cool protection from the heat while Mr. Diderot negotiated the various transactions necessary to obtaining the ticket and checking the baggage for the particular place in the New Jersey vastness to which his charge was bound. The crowd of people hurrying here, there and everywhere, so bewildered the poor girl that she hardly dared to lift her eyes. She almost regretted her step in taking such a long journey alone into an unknown country.

At last her escort returned. She rose eagerly and he led her into the pushing crowd where she was gently propelled through a narrow strait flanked by two

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