Under the Big Dipper

sharp-eyed men armed with shining punchers, into a spacious room filled with a motley assortment of people of both sexes and all ages.

A slight shock followed by a tremor through the wood flooring startled Helène. But Mr. Diderot explained that she need not be afraid—it was only the arrival of the ferry-boat. At the opened gateway, he handed her the ticket for Charlotteville and wishing her a pleasant journey he bowed in his punctilious way and left her to the mercy of the crowd that soon pushed her on to the boat. What a hurrying and scurrying and jostling and hustling! Men with packages and suit-cases, women with suit-cases and packages and children; men with golf bags and women with dogs; children clinging frantically to their mothers’ skirts—all perspiring and all craning their necks to swallow the river’s breeze, thankful of this respite from the city’s heat.

A clanking of bells, a shrill, long-drawn whistle, a

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