Under the Big Dipper

she gave a sigh of relief as she remembered that Mr. Diderot had “checked” the case to Charlotteville. She felt for the precious pasteboard in her handbag and smiled when she found it was safely there.

On the platform without she looked about her drinking in the wonderful expanse of water and free air and blue sky. The great river with its baggage and floats, tugs and steamers, sailing vessels and a big liner steaming slowly down towards the Bay, little launches and graceful yachts, appeared to her like the river of life itself. Looming up and drawing nearer and nearer, the cavernous train-shed flanked by stupendous grain elevators, looked to her like gigantic fortifications guarding and preventing a possible entry into the green country beyond. Where did the railroad begin, she wondered?

And now the people began their jostling and hustling once more. Packages were seized and children

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