Under the Big Dipper

grabbed at the sound of the clanking of chains and the turning of windlass. Then came the rattling of iron gates being opened and the living stream poured itself on to the land.

For a moment she looked about her, bewildered, but seeing a uniformed individual, she plucked up courage to ask him the way to her train. He scarcely deigned to notice her, but with a motion behind him he said: “Track number four to your left.” Helène was no wiser, but she dared not risk another inquiry and walked with the crowd. She heard a benevolent looking elderly person in a magnificent uniform and gold-laced cap singing out some words she could not understand. She found her courage, however, and put her inquiry to him. To her relief he led her to the car and even assisted her to mount the steps. The quick transition from the outer glare to the dark interior caused her to falter; but seeing that other people were making free with the

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