Under the Big Dipper

cushioned seats, she chose one for herself opposite a wholesome looking, stout lady and a small girl. She was too timid to look about her and was almost afraid to return the happy smile of the little child across the aisle. At last came the long cry “All aboard,” followed by a hissing noise and the train—her train—moved slowly out.

She was really on her great journey! As the engine gained headway the train passed the pillars along the track and dived into a cavernous deep cut on to a long trestle over the housetops. Then winding its way between simmering and smoky factories, past ugly board fences and stretches of open land covered with rubbish, it thundered over a bridge spanning a broad expanse of muddy water. Round a sharp curve with a shriek as if of desperation, and there she was in a lovely meadow gleaming green in the sunlight, the reeds and the bulrushes waving in the breeze—the country!

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