Under the Big Dipper

reach no farther than the making of pretty bonnets for strangers? Was this to be her ideal? Certainly she had found a freedom from one kind of bondage, but had she not obtained it only to find herself bound by far more cruel fetters—the drudgery of a life occupied in gaining a livelihood and losing its soul?

Would she be compelled to point to this as her only achievement? And what would Mr. Morton say when her hour of reckoning came with him? “And it was for this—that you disobeyed your father’s wishes, and gave me unspeakable pain!” Had she pained him? Had she disregarded her father’s injunctions? Oh—if she could but be enlightened on these doubts, these ever recurring questions!

She sat meditating, lost to her surroundings while the busy bees hummed and the flies buzzed about her. A slender catbird, smooth and droll like a dainty squirrel, its bright beetle eyes turned inquisitively upon

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