Under the Big Dipper

the intruder, slipped in and out of the underbrush—“Peep”—“Peep”—its mate joined in the sport,—“Peep,” and they were gone. Little kinglets with their wine-colored caps flitted from branch to branch, chirruping in sweet confidence. A subdued whirr drew Helène’s eyes idly to a tall plant swaying in blossom in the glaring sunshine; above it was the most exquisite of little creatures floating in a haze produced by the rapid motion of its delicate wings, its thread-like bill seemingly resting within the flower. Whirr—it had vanished!

Was this an enchanted glade or a fairy’s retreat?

Yes—even if she had done wrong in running away, she had learned to know something of life, life as it was to the vast majority of humankind. She had come to know this great Western world—his own land. Surely he could not but approve—he——

An aggressive noise, resembling the sound of scissors

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