Under the Big Dipper

on the letter. And an inward voice whispered to her: “my knight without blemish.” She rose and smoothed out her crumpled dress to cover her self-confusion at the unspoken words.

Carefully picking her way through the tall weeds and brush she gained the road. Glancing for a moment towards the house she saw no one about; but the next instant her attention was drawn to a distant cloud of dust and the sound of the regular hoof-beats of horses. A carriage was approaching, and soon it drew up before the gate of the Post’s farm-house. Hesitating what she should do, she saw a man alight, but, instead of going up to the house, he turned and made straight to where she was standing.

As he approached nearer she recognized Mr. Van Dusen. Her indecision died in its inception. Hat in one hand and the other extended cordially he called out:

“How are you, Miss Barton? I am so glad to see you.

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