Under the Big Dipper

What good fairy brought you here?”

Somewhat embarrassed, she permitted him to take her hand, and press it lightly. He felt rather than saw her indifference. “You are not pleased to see me, Miss Barton?” he added with a weak smile. “But never mind, since I am here, may I walk with you?”

“Y-e-s, Mr. Van Dusen. Miss Fisher is resting—the doctor’s orders, you know—but it is almost time for her to waken. Do you wish to see her?”

“Ah, Miss Barton, I am not going to let you get rid of me in that way. Let Miss Fisher have her full allowance of sleep; my message to her can wait. Mother sent me to invite her and you for a drive around the lakes to-morrow. The country is looking so beautiful, she thought you would enjoy the water and the hotels along the shore. But may I be frank? I agreed to be her messenger because I had heard you were expected to-day. Now, please, Miss Barton, don’t look so

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