Under the Big Dipper

forbidding. I do so want to speak to you.”

Helène made a motion as if about to step back, a slight blush suffusing her cheek and neck. Courteously bowing her proud little head she said in somewhat staccato tones:

“Very well, Mr. Van Dusen; but I really think we ought both of us go in to Miss Fisher. I am her guest, you know.”

“I know, Miss Barton, but let me have my way, won’t you? This place, these woods, fields and lakes,” he added with a wave of his arm, “have been my playground ever since I was a boy. I know every nook and corner. You are not alone Miss Fisher’s guest but the guest of us all who live here and love this secluded corner of Jersey. Do let me be your guide and show you around.” His humorous eyes gave his face so whimsical an expression that Helène almost regretted her coldness towards him.

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